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Enter into retirement enjoying the tranquility,
the services and the care that you deserve !

La Résidence du Carré Royal offers their clients a serene, cozy, intimate environment without any of the restraints encountered in larger private retirement homes.  

When we created our housing portion for retired persons, we put your comfort, your security and your health needs in top priority.    

The key to our success?  At the point where other retirement homes stop short, we continue on.

Since the challenge these days is to meet the needs of a generation of young autonomous senior citizens living in large capacity housing units, we decided to offer an entirely personalized housing style.  It is our priority to take into consideration your life experience, your age and your health condition.   In view of the possibility that your health needs may change over the years, we can adapt to your new situation and to continue on accommodating you throughout your retirement.

Say goodbye to isolation, the insecurity of living alone, the feeling of abandonment.  The approach we use is based on a perfect balance between maintaining your autonomy while still keeping a watchful eye on you and your needs.

Your problems are over …..  And in order to prove it to you, come and visit us - we'll be more than pleased to show you!